How to Keep Your Car’s A/C Cold

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How to Keep Your Car’s AC Cold

Summer is just around the corner. With the season comes pool days, barbeques, road trips, and the hot summer sun. This can make car rides a little sweaty and unpleasant. No one wants their car to feel like an oven, so you probably rely on the A/C system to cool it down. But sometimes it feels like your air conditioning isn’t enough to keep the heat at bay.

So how do you make the A/C colder? Summer days can get very hot, and that sun warms up your car an alarming amount. On the hottest days, it might feel like your air conditioning takes way too long to reach a comfortable temperature. But there are ways to maximize your A/C’s potential. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat and keep yourself cool when driving. And if those don’t work, it could point to another issue. In this blog, we’ll also break down the different potential issues and ways to maximize air conditioning.

4 Rules of Cool

If you’re someone who can’t seem to get their A/C cold enough, don’t worry. There are ways to quickly reach an ideal temperature. So, before you think your A/C system is broken, try these simple steps to cool down your car more effectively.

  1. Don’t Wait for Your Car to Cool Down

It might be tempting to let your car cool off before you start driving. However, this only wastes time and gas. Your air conditioning works much better when the car is in motion. This is because, as the engine speeds up, the A/C compressor speeds up as well. It’s best to just go ahead and drive, as the air conditioning won’t work as well while you’re stationary.

  1. Fans First

On hot days, the air inside your car will likely be hotter than the air outside of it. This makes your car feel more like a sauna. The best thing to do is to let this hot air out right away and circulate new air back in. To achieve this, you can simply turn the fans on and open the backseat window to release the trapped, warm atmosphere. After about a minute or so, you can look at your A/C settings and start dialing it to the coldest one.

  1. Set it at the Lowest Temperature.

Once the hot air has circulated out of your car, it’s best to set your air conditioning to the lowest setting. That’s right! Feel free to dial it all the way to freezing. Keeping the setting in the middle can reheat the air slightly, which burns more fuel. So, it’s more efficient to set it at the lowest and adjust your fans according to your preference.

  1. Park in the Shade

When you arrive at your destination, try to find a parking spot in the shade. This will prevent the summer sun from cooking the interior of your car. Sunlight can heat the inside far above the outside temperature. Finding a shady spot to park can help maintain a lower temperature that’s easier to bring back down.

My A/C Still Won’t Work!

What happens if you try all these tips, but your air conditioning still doesn’t do the trick? This might indicate a different problem. Here are some potential reasons why your A/C is not blowing out cold air.

One place to check is your cabin air filter. It’s important to make sure it’s clean. A dirty air filter prevents airflow throughout the car if a lot of dirt has accumulated. This can hinder the effectiveness of your air conditioning.

As part of your car’s regular maintenance, make sure to ask your mechanic to check the refrigerant level. If your fans are working properly, but the air isn’t cold, it could indicate that you need to replenish it. This will make sure you are nice and cool for the summer and that your car is functioning properly.

Let Us Help You with You A/C!

If your car isn’t maintaining proper refrigerant levels, even with regular maintenance, you could be looking at a leak. If your refrigerant is leaking, you will need a licensed technician to mend and recharge your A/C system. Make sure you are regularly scheduling maintenance and keeping an eye on any concerns you have with your vehicle. This will prevent problems from snowballing into bigger mechanical issues in the future.

Don’t let yourself melt in the summer sun. Keep your rides refreshing and use the best practices when it comes to cooling your car down. Also, make sure you prioritize your car’s maintenance to ensure your air conditioning runs properly. If you need to repair your A/C, visit your Columbia service experts at Jim Hudson Buick. You can schedule an appointment easily online through our service scheduler. Cruise comfortably while you experience everything summer has to offer.

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