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1. Have a professional check your fluid levels: Although this seems as such an easy enough task, there is a safety risk if not performed properly. Our certified technicians can check your fluid levels, and the systems they control.

We recommend checking Brake Fluid, Coolant Fluid, Power Steering, Transmission and Windshield Washer Fluid in addition to Motor Oil.

2. Ensure Proper Tire Care: The only think keeping your vehicle safely on the road is your tires. During the Holiday Season, the additional wear from the extra workload increase the chances of irregular and premature wear if your tires are not properly inflated you run the risk of overloading them. Be sure to have your tires, alignment, suspension and steering components all checked out to make sure they are in good condition.

3. On Schedule Oil & Filter Changes: There’s nothing like a well-oiled machine to ensure safety and longevity on the road. Next to you, trust us when we say regular oil changes are your vehicles best friend. Oil changes are the least expensive form of maintenance you can do to maximize engine life and reduce repairs.

4. Check your battery, test the heater, lights and wipers: Checking your battery before it fails, will save you additional stress during the holiday season. While checking your battery, take a few minutes to test your heat. Nothing is worse than finding out your heat isn’t working when it’s chilly outside. In addition, check your interior and exterior lights to ensure everything is working properly. Lastly, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, you’re going to need to see the road. Test your wiper blades for signs of wear and replace if necessary.

We want you to enjoy your Holiday Trips to see family and friends, without worrying about any vehicle problems that could arise. We recommend following these tips for stress free travel this Holiday Season. Enjoy your Holidays!

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